Steve S.

Caesar’s invite to LinkedIn reminded me that I wanted to e-mail you guys.  As you know Miller and I were probably the two most jaded, old-dog-new-tricks pupils in your class here.  The funny thing is we probably have received the most out of it!  Honestly, I have geared my whole way of thinking to Sales Artist’s way and not just to customers and prospects.  I try to imagine what’s on the minds of waiters, my wife, my kid’s friends, my mother and father, and just about anyone I talk to.  I’m even more charming and well liked than I was before I met you guys!  I feel like I’m more in control of a situation when I’m thinking of the other people’s feelings, goals, wants, and needs.

It doesn’t feel phony either like a lot of the old sales trainings I’ve had since the 80’s.  I just came off a great month, I’ll be at quota by tomorrow morning, and I’ve got more energy and vigor about my goals than ever.  I would tell you how well it’s works with me wife, but this is a company email.

The other day she said…”it’s almost like you can read my mind!”  That’s music to my ears.

Tom M.

I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU so much for this week! It was an eye opening experience to say the least and I feel so fortunate to have had you here to get us (especially me) realigned! This system is by far the best! I have recommitted to truly incorporating the framework and process and making it a huge part of what I do in all aspects of life. I appreciate you opening up and sharing some of your personal life with us – that really meant a lot to me. You are a great mentor and we are so fortunate to have you and your team to help us! I look forward to the next phase of the training and especially seeing my numbers grow and ultimately looking down on my quota! THANK YOU! It has already made a noticeable difference here in our office and it will be exciting to see where we go from here!

Keith W.

I hope your travels back home were easy and your weekend was restful. I just wanted to thank you again for the eye opening skills you imparted on our team here in Phoenix. We all benefited and have begun the process of implementing your offering to us. Thanks again for taking the time to speak with me individually to help my personal improvement! And thank you for your thoughts, prayers and insights on my son Zach. He’s already started reading the books.

Phillip W.

I wanted to share with you my success this past year. As a 1st year rep, I was able to win the Triple Crown Award, along with two other reps who have been tenured here for 5 or more years. Thank you for the opportunity to be coached the Sales Artist way. It will not only help me in my professional career, but in my personal life as well.

Ben S.

Caesar and Kevin, I wanted to take just a minute to share with you how my year started and ended. To quote the musical artist Drake “Started at the bottom now we hear” I had a rough start. I was facing performance management plan, but I stuck to what I know made some adjustment and fought like everything to not be a Maverick. I by no means did things perfectly, but I certainly did them better. December 30th I closed the largest sale of my career $14,500 in revenue, over 600% of monthly quota ending up at 109% of annual quota. So I guess “We hear” means looking top down on quota, it’s a great view. Thanks for your friendship, mentoring, and tough words in love.

Barry C.

I wanted to reach out and let you know that I have accepted a position with Oracle and I will be leaving at the end of the month. I definitely wanted to say thank you for the leadership you have provided during my time here – I learned a lot of things that I will continue to utilize throughout my career. I think above all other training I have ever done, the week I spent with you is the most memorable and will have the largest impact on how I conduct my actions. Obviously some of that has to do with the curriculum, but I found your mentorship to be uniquely engaging and I truly appreciate it.

Michael R.

Hey Kevin, just wanted to give you an update about how things have been going after rookie room. I set a goal with Chris to close my first managed office deal while still on bridge. I currently have 2 open Managed office opportunities and I’ve been forming great relationships with my customers. Chris has been extremely effective, and has clearly spent a lot of time reviewing your “best in class” philosophy. I appreciate how much your company has influenced the operations over here. This is the best training and management experience I have ever gone through at a company.

I ended at 258% to plan and #7 in my entire business unit! -Andrea R
I’m now sitting at 280% of plan and cannot wait till the next class! -Darrell W
I recently became #1 and I’m at 161% of plan! -Phil W

The Art of the Proposal is one of the best! -Tom C

Just got back from Maui… Thank you for helping me to master what’s on the customer’s mind. -Steve W
Looking down at quota, has NEVER been easier! -Heidi N