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Meet Kevin: Visionary, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Connector, and Chief Operations Officer at Disruptify, Inc. With an impressive two-decade track record serving on boards and leading as the President of Cornerstone Pastors Network, Kevin’s influence extends far beyond his professional achievements. But what truly sets Kevin apart is his innate ability to grasp the customer’s perspective and transform that understanding into tangible results, revolutionizing businesses for over 20 years.

As a highly sought-after coach in the realms of leadership and sales, Kevin has earned his reputation as a Fortune-500 organizational guru. His passion lies in demolishing the barriers standing between you and your personal and professional goals. With a keen understanding of your challenges, he fearlessly dives deep, guiding you toward the breakthroughs you’ve been yearning for.

What sets Kevin apart even further is his unique approach. He infuses his coaching with a biblical foundation, providing you not only with practical strategies but also spiritual guidance. With Kevin as your coach, you’ll embark on a transformative journey that blends faith and action, propelling you toward outcomes that make a significant impact on the world you live in.

When he’s not igniting transformation in people’s lives and businesses, you’ll find Kevin dominating the pickleball courts, embarking on global adventures alongside his wife, or savoring the art of crafting wood-fired pizzas in his backyard, creating cherished memories with family, friends, and neighbors alike. Get ready to unlock your extraordinary potential with Kevin Huff, the catalyst for your limitless success.


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