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Caesar Kavadoy

Meet Caesar: Co-founder and CEO of Disruptify, who has served as the CEO of both private and publicly traded companies. He is an entrepreneur, executive consultant, and award-winning sales coach, who has helped countless individuals reach their peak potential in business, life, and relationships. But what sets Caesar apart from the rest? A rare sleeping disorder that grants him an extra day per week to uncover the strategies that truly set the stage for leveling up your game. While you were hitting the snooze button, Caesar was busy developing his game-changing programs that have captured the attention of Fortune-500 leaders worldwide.

Caesar’s unique approach and expertise have helped remove the biggest obstacles preventing peak performance across all areas of life. He knows what it takes to succeed, and he’s ready to share his secrets with you. Whether you’re struggling to find your purpose or looking to take your performance to the next level, Caesar’s got you covered.

But Caesar isn’t just about business and success. When he’s not helping others get to the top of their game, he and his wife Linda are committed to serving their beloved community at their local church in the Texas Hill Country while joyfully parenting their two teenage daughters.


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